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Nanograin Carbide KD Cutters

These nanograin carbide KD cutters are exceptionally sharp and retain their edge for a remarkably long turning life.


Currently available to fit our smaller KD (3/8") square tool bars are: a 10.5 mm square

cutter (KD-0), slightly radiused square (KD-150), and a more radiused square (KD-50).

Our smaller KD (3/8") round tool bars are fitted with either the 11 mm diameter round cutter (KD-R) or the 11 mm negative rake round cutter (KD-R-NR).

The newest member of the KD tool family is the KD-T, triangular detail cutter. This cutter is ground to a sharp point for fine detail work.


All KD cutters are ground with a 30 degree bevel.


We recommend cutting at, or above centre; otherwise these tools may become too aggressive.

KD-0 Cutter
KD-R Cutter
KD-150 Cutter
KD-50 Cutter
KD-R-NR Cutter
KD-T Cutter
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