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In 2011, Canadian woodturners Don Thur and Russ Lacombe collaborated to create a line of superior quality turning tools at a very reasonable cost. The result was the Kilian Tools line of nanograin carbide cutters and tool bars.

For the next four years, Don provided tools and cutters along side his beautiful turnings. As of the Summer of 2015, Don has renewed his focus on his turnings and passed the Kilian Tool line on to Greg Wallace of Stone & Wood Creations.  Greg has been using Kilian tools for the past several years, drawn to the carbide cutters initially to support his stone turning requirements.  The durability and quality of the nanograin cutters soon led to Greg using the tools exclusively for all wood and stone turning work.


These tools and cutters are available through this web site and are shipped throughout North America. We also attend local wood shows and clubs in Southern Ontario. Hope to meet you soon!

Greg Wallace woodturning Nova 3000
Greg Wallace
Stone & Wood - Turner & Carver

Greg started working with stone, primarily hand carving, in 2011, and quickly moved into stone turning on a wood lathe. He alternates between carving stone and turning in both stone and wood as the mood and materials move him.

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